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My Mother's Birtday Party 5/8/02

This year for my Mother's birtday, we went out to eat at a local restaraunt. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Diana, Aunt Betsy, Uncle Roger, John, Rachel, Samantha, Courtney, Natalie, Leanne and Myself were all there to celebrate.

Leanne and I spent a lot of the time picking up toys off the ground as Natalie threw them off her high-chair. I think Natalie must have thought it was a fun game.

Diana doesn't really like having her picture taken, but too bad. On the left you can see what happens when Diana knows you are taking her picture. On the right, you can see Diana taking care of Natalie.

My Aunt Betsy (my mother's sister), and my Uncle Roger drove in all the way from Albuquerque to vitsit with my mother during her birthday.

John and his girls came to dinner with us. Later, Suzanne (and my niece, Laura) met us at the house when we had cake and Mom opened her presents.