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All about me.

Those are all pictures from another Dan, in another life. Eventually, I might choose to put up something a bit more up to date. But for the moment, I prefer to think back to those days with fond recollection.

I am a software engineer for pair Networks, Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA. My present job is lead software developer for pairNIC. Other than that, I am a full time Dad and Husband.

I am active in the boy scouts, and even more active in the Order of the Arrow. The Order of the Arrow is an organized group of honored campers elected by their peers which is sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America. I host a historical web page for my lodge, Wagion #6. I also advise the scouts in the lodge that are responsible for keeping the official site up.

Beyond the scouts, I have a daughter, Natalie, and a wife, Leanne that both keep me very busy.

I used to enjoy camping, but these days there just isn't enough time. My only hope at this point is for Natalie to get into camping when she gets older. A weekend hiking or in a tent is the best kind of vacation for me.

I am also an amature fish hobbyist. Currently, I have a 55 gallon tank in my living room containing various African Cichlids. Some pictures are available.

That's all folks...